Staff Augmentation
In virtually every respect, recruiting high-caliber talent has become more complicated, more time-consuming, and more critical to a corporation's success than ever before. The total cost of recruiting is not only measured in hard dollars, but also in time and effort.

Tech Software's mission is to increase our customers' competitive advantage. As a strategic business partner, Tech Software leverages a company's hiring efforts in order to improve performance and create a distinct competitive advantage.

Tech Software delivers innovative and responsive staffing and consulting solutions to clients. We provide valuable and diverse career opportunities to candidates - from entry-level positions to senior developers and project managers.

Tech's recruiting edge originates with our processes and is complemented by hard work and market savvy. The primary advantages for our customers are the accelerated fulfillment of staffing needs and improved candidate quality.

Tech Software specializes in information systems placement from coast to coast. Tech excels at searching, screening and interviewing to meet our clients' full-time, permanent hiring needs. Through targeted recruiting, Tech Software locates individuals who can make both an immediate and long-lasting contribution to our clients' success.

Due to quality time devoted to thoroughly understanding our industry, we have formed long term relationships with key contacts all over the country. These associations have created a network that is the basis of our success.
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